Keep track of your emotional rollercoasters with Moodnotes

To create a new entry, just tap on the plus button in the Mood Notes section. The first step is to swipe up or down on the face to find and select the mood that suits you, and then you have two options: Quick Save or Add Detail. Doing a Quick Save will just save the mood, but you won’t have any information about why you feel the way you do, though you can go back later. The Add Detail option lets you go in-depth with your feelings.


By default, the main thing you see when the app is launched is the “Mood Notes” section. This will organize your entries chronologically by month and day in descending order. Each entry will display the timestamp and the first two lines of text, and the mood icon representing your feeling at the time is shown on the right column. Tapping on any entry lets you see it in full detail, including the feelings that you’ve selected and thoughts about it, as well as some general advice from the app before it prompts you about reassessing your emotions. If you decide you don’t want an entry anymore, just swipe left on it to bring up a contextual delete button.


When I heard that the developers of Monument Valley contributed to this app, it was one of the biggest selling points for me. I love the design of Monument Valley, so I was pleased to see that Moodnotes looks pretty good too. The app itself is simple with a mix of white and creamy beige for the color theme, along with some teal and dark gold accents. I did think that using several different typefaces throughout various sections is a bit inconsistent, but I can live with it, because at least the fonts look good and are fairly readable. The icons used to represent each feeling is straightforward, and I found the app super intuitive to use.


We are all human, and as such, it’s only natural to be emotional. I’ll admit it — I can get pretty emotional over things, but I try my best to not show it too much. Of course, it’s never good to bottle things up inside either, as that can just lead to more issues down the road, or at least that’s what I’ve always believed. When I have strong feelings, I usually turn to friends and family to talk about things, but sometimes that isn’t what I want either, so I turn to journaling. Normally, I just open up my trusty Day One app and start writing, but when I saw Moodnotes on the App Store, I was intrigued. It surely seems like a better way to keep track of my emotions rather than by mixing them up with memories in Day One.


Moodnotes – Thought Journal / Mood Diary ($3.99) by Thriveport, LLC is a new app that will help you keep track of your emotions and thoughts, and it will even offer advice on how you feel over time. The people behind the app are interesting too, as Thriveport has worked with a team of healthcare professionals, as well as the guys behind Monument Valley, in order to create this app. Think of it as something like Day One, except it is designed specifically for capturing moods.


The Best and Apps for Time Management

Almost everybody has issues with time management–no matter who they are or what they do for a living. Even people who try to run their lives like clockwork can have issues staying on task, being on time and recalling the things they need to complete daily. There are numerous different reasons this is true. The biggest reason for it is that, because of tablets and smart phones, we’ve got a wide variety of distractions at our fingertips that are just begging for our attentions every day. In this article we will tell you how to use that iphone or iPad as a time management tool as opposed to as a time management wrecking ball.

Instapaper is really worth exploring. Instapaper is software that can be used on your iPhone, your iPad and even on your computer. It is one of those “read later” applications that can help you save time. In the daytime how frequently do you encounter a bunch an article or a web site that you really would like to get into but don’t have the time to do so properly? And how many times have you allowed your schedule to be derailed because you didn’t think you’ll remember the article or website later so you read or explored it right then? You could integrate Instapaper into your Twitter account and also some other programs, and save yourself all kinds of time by saving the links you wish to read for a time that is more convenient. The links you save are stored in one primary account. This makes it easy to use any device you want (laptop, tablet or mobile phone) to catch up on those links when you actually have the time for them.

Wunderlist is one of the better programs. It is a basic to-do list app but it’s not slowed down by plenty of complicated interfaces or graphics. Every day it’s possible to sit down to this software and then enter all of the things that you would like to do during the day. It does not cost anything to use. Along with being simple to use, it is simple to sync with many different devices. All you have to do is train yourself to check this application as frequently as you check your email and you will see just how easy it is to stay on task.

Everynote really is convenient. It gives you a central location through which you could organize your random thoughts, your downloads, your photographs, your emails and much more. It can also be synced between devices–including a computer–and is extremely easy to integrate with other programs like Wunderlist. Unfortunately, this app is not free of charge–which is its only true unfavorable quality. You can pay a monthly subscription fee of five dollars or purchase one year of service for forty five dollars.

Concerning calendar applications, Agenda is the best. There are numerous reasons this is true but the main reason it is true is that it could be synced both to iCalendar (the calendar iPhones and Macs use) and Google Calendar. This makes managing a calendar a lot easier for people who’ve PCs and iPhones because they will just type in their information into one place and it is accessible on all of their devices. Additionally, it is really attractive.

There are all sorts of time management tools you can download. These are the best, but you will turn up plenty more with some extra research.