Lumino City is a captivating puzzle adventure

Controls in Lumino City are simple and intuitive. If you have played any point-and-click adventure game before, then you will be familiar with how things work in Lumino City. To move, just tap on where you want Lumi to go. If any object in the game world can be interacted with, it will be tappable, and Lumi will go towards it automatically. You’ll come across many items in the game that can be used to solve puzzles later on, all of which can be stored in your backpack. To access the bag, just tap on Lumi and you can see what is in your inventory. Just drag specific items onto other interactive elements to make use of them. The variety of puzzles that you come across in the game are far and wide, and they range from simple to maddening, but they are all intricate and connected to each other in some way or form.


In the game, players discover the story of Lumi and her grandfather, who is the caretaker of Lumino City itself. However, in the beginning of the game, you find out that the grandfather has been kidnapped and it is up to Lumi to explore the city and find out what happened to her grandfather. In order to do this, players take control of Lumi and must help her solve realistic puzzles in the city, all of which are connected and intertwined seamlessly together. Once you figure out on puzzle, you will be able to move on with the story but then come across another one that needs to be solved before you can progress. It’s a streamlined process and the story that goes along with it is excellent. The developers promise an estimated eight to 10 hours of gameplay, so the content is well worth the price tag.


As I mentioned already, the graphics in Lumino City are stunning. A big reason behind this is the fact that everything that you see in the game was created by hand out of real-world materials. The entire game is based off of a real life model city that the developers created from scratch, and the results have paid off. The colors are lush, rich, and vibrant, and everything is textured and detailed. All animations are smooth and fluid, and the whimsical soundtrack in the background is just a delight to listen to.


I’ve gone through hundreds of games on the App Store through the years, and while I’ve seen some beautiful graphics in many of them, nothing has stood out to me in terms of originality and creativity. That is, until I first heard of Lumino City several months ago, and I knew that this was something special. And since I am always up for a good puzzle adventure game, I had to give Lumino City a try when it came out. And let me say that it does not disappoint.


Lumino City ($4.99) by State of Play Games is a gorgeous puzzle adventure game that has been crafted entirely by the hands of the developers. When I say crafted, I mean literally — the graphics in the game were made by hand from paper, cardboard, miniature lights, and motors. Lumino City is a puzzle adventure that is unlike anything you’ve played or experienced before.

Have An Easier Time Controlling Time with these and Time Management Applications

Time management is a challenge for pretty much anyone, no matter who they are or what they do. Even individuals who try to run their lives by a certain schedule can have a difficult time staying on task, showing up promptly and remembering their everyday goals. There are several different reasons this is true. The main reason this is true is that there are numerous distractions just sitting at our fingertips each day, which has become even more true since smart phones and tablets got to be fashionable. In this article we are going to teach you how to take your iPhone or iPad and transform it from a tool of interruption into a tool of time management.

Make use of Instapaper. Instapaper is software you can use on your iPhone, your iPad and even on your pc. It is one of those “read later” applications which helps you save time. During the day how many times do you stumble across a bunch an article or a site that you really want to get into but lack the time to do so properly? And how often have you allowed your schedule to be derailed because you failed to think you’ll remember the article or site later so you read or explored it right then? You’ll be able to integrate Instapaper into your Twitter account and also some other applications, and save yourself all sorts of time by saving the links you wish to read for a time that is more convenient. The hyperlinks are saved to one central account. This means that you can use any device (cell phone, tablet, and computer) to catch up on your reading if you have the time.

Wunderlist is an excellent application. It is your regular to-do list application but it hasn’t been dragged down by all sorts of graphics or complicated interfaces. Each and every day you can sit down to this software and then enter all of the things that you need to do during the day. It is absolutely free. It syncs between devices and it is easy to use. All you have to do is train yourself to check this app as frequently as you check your email and you will see just how easy it is to stay on task.

Everynote is really handy. It gives you a central location through which you could manage your random thoughts, your downloads, your photographs, your emails and more. It syncs between devices (including your personal computer) and is easy to use with other programs, like Wunderlist. The major downside is that this application costs money. It is possible to pay $5 each month for a monthly subscription or you can spend $45 and get a year’s worth of service.

Agenda is the must have calendar program. This is true for all kinds of different reasons but the main reason you need this is that you could sync it both to iCalendar (the calendar Macs and Apple products use) and Google calendar. This makes managing your calendar easier in case you are a person with a PC and an iPhone since you only have to enter your information into one place and then you can access it on any device you wish. It’s also actually pretty.

There are all sorts of time management tools you can download. We feel these are the best but if you do a bit of homework you are going to find lots of others.

Edwin Basko

The Apple Mac Specialist and author