Match to survive a zombie apocalypse in Zombie Match Defense

Controls in the game are natural and intuitive, particularly if you’ve played games like this before. Each stage consists of five horizontal lanes of brains, with a scientist at the left side next to doors. Zombies will come in from the right side of the screen, feasting on the brains and moving ahead one space each after your turn. In the game, you swap brain pieces by tapping on the ones you want to switch, or just swipe in the direction you want them to move. In each stage, you must get rid of a certain number of zombies, and there are different kinds with different abilities introduced as you go. To get rid of them, you have to make matches with the brains that they are currently on.


There are two game modes in Zombie Match Defense: Campaign and Infinite. If you go with the traditional campaign mode, you must go through a series of increasingly difficult levels where you can earn up to three stars by meeting objectives, such as not letting any zombies get to the scientists. For a real test of match-three skills and strategy, the Infinite mode is just about survival, and you must see how long you can last against an endless horde of undead.


In terms of visuals, Zombie Match Defense has a cartoonish look and feel to it that fits the craziness of the game well. The game makes use of bright and vibrant colors, and the character sprites are bouncy and lively. Animations are smooth and fluid, with no lag on my Plus. To top things off, the game features a spooky soundtrack in the background and some fun sound effects and dialogue when you rack up the combos. Overall, I’m rather enamored with the style and audio of Zombie Match Defense, and the splash of humor thrown in is welcome in my book.


If you’ve followed my work here at AppAdvice for a while now, then you may know by now that one of my favorite types of games is a match-three puzzle, despite the lack of originality in the genre in recent years. I’m not sure why, but match-three games always manage to keep me busy for hours on end, and I will always return to them whenever I am bored or have a spare moment. Another thing that I fell in love with upon first release was the original Plants Vs. Zombies, and I even managed to beat the entire game back in the day. So naturally, Zombie Match Defense is like a perfect match for me, and I was eager to get my hands on the game after getting an early demo at E3 this year.


zombie match defense ($1.99) by shovelware games is a unique hybrid of match-three and tower defense that works out nicely. If you’re a fan of classics like Plants Vs. Zombies and Bejeweled, then you will fall in love with Zombie Match Defense, especially with Halloween just coming up around the corner.

The Best Time Management and Applications

It is not important who you are or how you make money, you probably have difficulty with time management. Even people who take pride in managing their lives like clockwork can be late, forget goals and have trouble with putting things off. There are lots of different reasons this is true. The biggest reason for it is that, thanks to tablets and smart phones, we now have so many different distractions at our fingertips that are just begging for our attentions every day. In this article we’re going to show you how to use that iphone or iPad as a time management tool rather than as a time management wrecking ball.

Get Instapaper. Instapaper is software that works with cell phones, tablets and on computers as well. It is one of those “read later” apps that helps you save time. In the daytime how many times do you encounter a bunch an article or a web site that you really would like to get into but do not have the time to do so properly? And how many times have you allowed your schedule to be derailed because you failed to think you would remember the article or website later so you read or explored it right then? Instapaper integrates with Twitter and other applications to enable you to save all of those links so that you can read it at a later time. The hyperlinks you save are stored in one primary account. This means you can use any gadget (cell phone, tablet, and computer) to catch up on your reading if you have the time.

Wunderlist is a fantastic software. It is your basic to-do list application but it doesn’t get bogged down in a bunch of heavy graphics or a complicated user interface. Each day you can take a moment with this app and enter all of the things that you have to do that day. The program costs nothing. You could synchronize it to several devices and it is really simple to operate. If you train yourself to check your software as frequently as you check your email, you will find it a lot easier to keep yourself on task.

Evernote is really great and handy. It’s a central place to manage pretty much everything: your emails, downloads, photos, notes, thoughts, and so forth. It can be synced between devices–including a computer–and is extremely easy to integrate with other apps like Wunderlist. The major drawback is that this application costs money. Your monthly subscription may be paid either every month at $5 each or every year for $45 annually.

With regards to calendar software, Agenda is the best. This is true for a lot of reasons but the biggest is that it syncs with both iCalendar (the calendar software many Macs, iphones and iPads use) and Google calendar. This makes the management of your calendar less complicated, particularly for those with PCs and iPhones as they only have to type in their information into a single, central location and it can be accessed on a number of other devices. Additionally, it is really pretty.

There are so many different time management tools you can use. These are the best of them but some research will turn up several others.


Edwin Basko

The Apple Mac Specialist and author