Obliterate foes in Devastator, the new Radiangames shooter

The controls are what you’d expect from a dual-stick shooter, featuring a virtual joystick for movement in the bottom left and another joystick on the right side for aiming and shooting. Adjacent to the aiming joystick is a button that activates your super ability, which can nuke the immediate area around you, but not the entire battlefield. So it is good for emergencies, but don’t rely on it. It also needs to be refilled again once it is used, so be careful.


There are three different game modes in Devastator: Practice, Hardcore, and Elite. Practice features unlimited lives, no score, and no destroyers in your arsenal. Hardcare is the main mode that you’ll probably spend the most time in, and it has five lives, unlimited continues, and you get an extra life for every 100,000 points. Elite mode is unlocked only when you beat Hardcore, and it will only give you three lives, no continues, and even faster gameplay. Regardless of the mode you choose, though, the gameplay remains the same: blast your way through 50 waves of 12 different enemy types and make sure that you are the only survivor on the field.


The visuals in Devastator follow in the footsteps of their other releases, as it sports a retro arcade style that will hit you with a sense of nostalgia if you grew up with these types of games. The game also makes use of bright and vivid neon colors for your ship and enemies, though I thought that the dark colors in the background can be a bit hard to tell apart, especially when there are walls and other obstacles in your way. The textures and particle effects are fantastic, though there are options to turn them down if you aren’t a fan. Animations are smooth and fluid, with no lag on my 6, and the electronic soundtrack is a treat for the ears.


Ever since I first discovered Geometry Wars many years ago, I fell in love with the dual-stick shooter genre. There’s just something about flying around and blasting things into oblivion with colorful lasers and explosions — I mean, who doesn’t love this? Since then, I’ve discovered Radiangames and their many dual-stick shooter games on iOS, and they became one of my favorite iOS game developers. So whenever they come out with a new game, it’s not surprising that I get a bit excited. Naturally, I just had to check out Devastator, but I’m a bit let down with this one compared to their other titles.


Devastator ($1.99) by Radiangames is the latest title from the popular dual-stick shooter game developer. If you enjoyed games like JoyJoy, Inferno 2, Super Crossfighter, and Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved, then you may like Devastator.

The Best Time Management iPhone and Applications

It doesn’t matter who you are or how you make money, you probably have issues with time management. Even people who take pride in managing their lives like clockwork can be late, forget goals and have problems with procrastination. There are numerous different reasons this is true. The reason this is true is that there are numerous distractions just sitting at our fingertips every day, which has become even more true since smart phones and tablets got to be fashionable. In the following article we’re going to teach you how to use your iPhone or iPad as one tool for time management as opposed to as a time management unit of destruction.

Make use of Instapaper. Instapaper is software which can be used on your iPhone, your iPad and even on your pc. It is a “read later” program which can save you a great deal of time. During the day how often do you stumble across a bunch an article or a site that you really want to get into but do not have the time to do so properly? How many times have you thrown off your entire schedule by reading or looking at it anyway because you knew you will not remember it later on? Instapaper can be incorporated with Twitter and a bunch of other programs and save all of the links you would like to explore for a later time. The links you save are stored in one primary account. This makes it easy to use any device you want (computer, tablet or smartphone) to catch up on those links when you actually have the time for them.

Wunderlist is an excellent application. It’s your basic to-do list application but it doesn’t get caught up in a lot of heavy graphics or a complex user interface. You can sit down with this software every day and enter all of the things you would like to accomplish. It doesn’t cost anything to use. Besides being easy to use, it’s easy to sync with a variety of devices. Just train yourself to check the software as many times as you check your email and you are going to quickly see just how much simpler it is for you to keep on task.

Evernote is really great and handy. It’s a central place to manage just about everything: your emails, downloads, images, notes, thoughts, and so forth. It could be synced between devices–including a desktop computer–and is quite easy to use with other software like Wunderlist. The only real drawback to this application is that it’s not free of charge. You could pay a monthly subscription fee of five dollars or buy one year of service for forty five dollars.

Agenda is the must have calendar application. There are lots of reasons this is true but the primary reason it is true is that it may be synced both to iCalendar (the calendar iPhones and Macs use) and Google Calendar. This makes managing a calendar much easier for folks who’ve PCs and iPhones because they will only have to enter their information into one place and it is accessible on all of their devices. Additionally, it looks excellent.

The variety of time management applications available for downloading is huge. We believe these are the best but if you do a little homework you will find lots of others.

Edwin Basko

The Apple Mac Specialist and author