Schedule ahead and never be caught off-guard by ugly weather again with Horizon 3

Like most calendar these days, Horizon fetches data from the calendars that you’ve set up on iOS, so this is not exactly a standalone app like Calendars 5 can be. Once you grant the app access to your calendars, you can toggle which ones are shown from the settings, accessible via the cog icon at the bottom. All events are listed in chronological order in an agenda list, with start and end times to the left, and weather conditions on the right.


The revamped design of Horizon doesn’t stray far from the original, and that’s a good thing. It more or less feels like a fresh coat of paint that brings it in line with present iOS aesthetics, and it remains as minimal as ever. When the app is launched, you’ll have your schedule laid out neatly in front of you, with a heavy emphasis on today and the future, since you can’t view past days. Events are color-coded and laid out in an agenda list format, with a header bar that clearly tells you what your next appointment is. The month is at the bottom, and a tap will bring up the month view, and Horizon has full support for event invitations as well. I’m also loving the font used in Horizon, as it has a less robotic feel than the original version, and is more pleasing to look at, in my opinion.


However, there’s one thing that has always been missing from Fantastical: weather. If I am planning on being outdoors for an upcoming event, I’ll have to rely on my weather app, BeWeather 2, to make sure that there won’t be a surprise storm in the area (moody California weather). While this isn’t a big deal, it would definitely be more convenient if I could have my calendar and weather in one app, so I’m thankful that Horizon 3 is finally here.


If you’ve been following my work for the past few years, you should know that I’m a bit of a productivity nut, and managing my daily schedule is an absolute must for me, even if my life is more or less a routine at this point. I don’t like to plan things out without adding an event to my calendar, because chances are high that I’ll forget otherwise. For the past several years, I’ve been relying on Fantastical 2 on my and Mac for managing my calendars, and I don’t regret that.


Horizon 3 – Calendar + Weather (Free) by Applause Code, LLC is a calendar that combines your schedule and weather forecast into one app so you’ll never be unprepared for bad weather conditions on an important event again. The app originally came out over two years ago, but has just received a much welcome update that brings it in line with modern iOS aesthetics. It is similar to other recent apps like Week Weather.

The Best Time Management iPhone and Apps

Almost everyone has issues with time management–regardless of who they are or what they do for a living. Even individuals who try to run their lives like clockwork can have trouble staying on task, being prompt and recalling the things they have to complete each day. There are numerous reasons for this. The biggest reason for it is that, because of tablets and smart phones, we’ve got a wide variety of distractions at our fingertips that are just begging for our attentions each day. In this article we are going to show you how to take your iPhone or iPad and transform it from a tool of interruption into a tool of time management.

Download and install Instapaper. Instapaper is an app you can use on your iPhone, your iPad and even on your desktop. It’s a “read later” software that could save you tons of time. How many times, throughout your day, do you find interesting sites or articles that you really want to read but don’t have time to really explore? How many times have you thrown a wrench into your schedule because you read or explored it anyway (because you knew you would not remember it at a later time)? You could integrate Instapaper into your Twitter account as well as some other applications, and save yourself all sorts of time by saving the links you would like to read for a time that is more convenient. All the links you save are stored in one primary account. This means you can use any gadget (cell phone, tablet, and laptop) to catch up on your reading when you have the time.

Wunderlist is among the better software. It is a basic to-do list app but it’s not bogged down by a lot of complex interfaces or graphics. Each day you can sit down to this software and then enter all of the things that you want to do during the day. It’s absolutely free. Along with being simple to use, it’s easy to sync with a number of devices. If you can train yourself to check your app as often as you check your email, you will find it much easier to keep yourself on task.

Evernote is amazingly useful. It is a central location in which you can organize your random thoughts, your pictures, your downloads, your emails, etc. It syncs between devices (including your computer) and is easy to integrate with other applications, like Wunderlist. Unfortunately, this application isn’t free–which is its only true unfavorable quality. It’s possible to pay $5 per month for a monthly subscription or you can spend $45 and buy a year’s worth of service.

Agenda is the must have calendar app. There are several reasons this is true but the main reason it is true is that it may be synced both to iCalendar (the calendar iPhones and Macs use) and Google Calendar. This makes managing a calendar much easier for folks who’ve PCs and iPhones because they’re going to only have to enter their information into one place and it is readily available on all of their devices. Additionally, it really is pretty.

You will find all sorts of time management programs you can download. These are the most effective, but you will generate lots more with some more research.