Sit back and relax with some Television Time

As you find all of the shows you want to track, you can view them in two different ways: Shows or To Watch. The Shows section will contain all of your added series, even the ones that have already ended. The To Watch list will have all of the shows that you still have episodes remaining to watch. When you tap on a show, you will be able to see the full episode list for the show, which includes episode names and original air dates. Tapping an episode lets you see other details like the season, network, and a general synopsis. You can share or comment on the episode, or even get the direct iTunes link.


When you initially launch Television Time, you will have an empty “Shows” and “To Watch” section, naturally. You can use the search function to find specific shows that you are looking for, and the app gives results in real-time, though you still have to submit your inquiry to get the full results sometimes. Another option is to use the Discover tab to see a list of Popular or Trending shows and quickly add them to your own lists by tapping on the plus button.


The design of Television Time is beautiful, as it features a slick interface that looks fantastic, especially on the larger screens of the Plus devices. Television Time puts a focus on the visual aspects of each show, since each one has a bar that features poster artwork while providing basic information like the show name and when the next episode airs (or whether it has already ended). Each show also has a blurred out full version of their poster in the background when viewing the episode list, so it’s a nice visual aesthetic that makes the app feel more customized depending on the shows you watch. Navigation in Television Time is simple as well, since there is a full navigation bar at the bottom of the screen (a must-have for Plus devices). Overall, the app is sleek and makes great use of contrasting colors.


It’s about time for the fall television season, which means a lot of shows to get caught up with each week once again, or pretty soon if they haven’t started yet. While I don’t keep up with every series that everyone seems to talk about on a weekly basis, I do enjoy a fair bit of them, and I have a big backlog of shows I need to get started on too. How do I manage to track all of these? With the help of , of course. I’ve been using iTV Shows for the past few years, but that doesn’t stop me from trying out new apps, and I’m finding Television Time to be a fine option to consider if you’re in the market for such an app.


Television Time – Keep track of your favorite shows ($2.99) by Maximilian Litteral is a slick TV series tracker app for your , , and . If you are a big fan of television shows but find it hard to keep track of everything that is coming out and those that you’ve missed, then Television Time is worth checking out. It is similar to other apps like iTV Shows 3 and TVShow Time.

The Best iPhone and iPad Apps for Time Management

Almost everybody has problems with time management–regardless of who they are or what they do for a living. Even people who try to run their lives by a precise schedule can have a tough time staying on task, showing up promptly and remembering their daily goals. Several things contribute to this. The biggest reason is that, thanks to smart phones and tablets, most of us have kinds of distractions at our disposal just begging for our attention. In the following article we will show you how to use your iPhone or iPad as one tool for time management instead of as a time management unit of destruction.

Download and install Instapaper. Instapaper is a program which you can use on your iPhone, your iPad and even on your desktop. It’s one of those excellent time saving “read later” apps. How often during the day do you run into a useful article or web site that you seriously want to explore but do not have the time to dedicate to it? How many times have you thrown a wrench into your schedule because you read or looked into it anyway (because you knew you wouldn’t remember it afterwards)? You’ll be able to integrate Instapaper into your Twitter account as well as some other applications, and save yourself all kinds of time by saving the links you wish to read for a time that is more convenient. All the links you save are kept in one primary account. That means that you can actually use any device you want (mobile phone, tablet, computer) to catch up and look through them in case you have the time.

Wunderlist is an incredible program. It is your basic to-do list software but it doesn’t get bogged down in lots of heavy graphics or a sophisticated user interface. You’ll be able to sit down with this software each day and enter all of the things you want to accomplish. The application costs nothing. It syncs between devices and it is simple to use. If you train yourself to check your software as often as you check your email, you’ll find it easier to keep yourself on task.

Evernote is very useful. It is a centralized location in which you can sort out your random thoughts, your photos, your downloads, your emails, and so on. It’s not just syncable between devices (like your desktop computer) you could integrate it with your other software (like Wunderlist) too. The only real downside of this app is that it’s not absolutely free. You can pay $5 per month for a monthly subscription or you can spend $45 and buy a year’s worth of service.

When it comes to calendar apps, Agenda is the best. This is true for all types of different reasons but the primary reason you need this is that you could sync it both to iCalendar (the calendar Macs and Apple products use) and Google calendar. This makes the management of your calendar easier, especially for those with PCs and iPhones as they only have to type in their information into a single, central location and it can be accessed on several other devices. Additionally, it is really pretty.

The variety of time management programs available for downloading is very large. These are the most effective, but you will turn up lots more with some more research.

Edwin Basko

The Apple Mac Specialist and author