Square launches an Apple Pay-compatible NFC reader

Pay is gradually expanding both in the United States and around the world. In Apple’s home country, more banks and retailers are adding support for the mobile payments service with each passing month. Square’s move should make Apple Pay available in a more diverse range of retailers, which is music to our ears.


The device costs merchants just $49, and it’s available to reserve online, at Square’s website. It’s small, portable (thanks to a built-in battery), and it works inside the free point-of-sale Square iOS app, too. Orders also come with a free Square magstripe reader, and this allows users to swipe cards which don’t offer either chip or NFC.


The mobile payments company, famous for bringing its Square Card Reader to merchants, has launched a new NFC reader that can be used alongside Apple Pay. The device is already installed in 100 local businesses in the United States, according to USA Today, and the move should further bolster Apple Pay’s rollout across the country. Usefully, the device (pictured below) can also accept regular, old fashioned chip cards, too.


Until now, technology like our new reader has been out of reach for local businesses. Now Square sellers across the country can quickly and easily accept the new forms of payment that are crossing their counter tops.

Place Your own Full Network Together With The Apple Airport Extreme Base Station

Whenever you first buy a computer and set it up in your home, you don’t need much regarding connections other than a modem and Internet connection. Now with so many devices accessing the internet, you will probably require a wireless router for your household.

If you need the best solution for your home, school or business, then you almost certainly want the Apple AirPort Extreme Base Station. You’ll have a blazingly rapid plus safe wireless network. It will give you a world of options with your home entertainment, backups, printing plus much more. It ensures high level performances for all of your units simply by operating in the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands at the same time. Furthermore it supplies an option for Guest Networking, so you can have straightforward Internet sharing. As many as fifty connections might be made together. Not only this, but a USB hard drive that can be changed into a shared drive functional by everyone on the network.

The Wireless-N specification is actually what the Apple Airport Extreme is dependant on, and it transmits a number of data streams at the same time by using multiple-input multiple-output. This offers a broader Wi-Fi range and provides incredibly fast data transfer speeds. PCs Macs, iPads, iPhones, and iPod Touches all function with this specific router. Because the router uses both 2.4 GHz and 5GHz ranges at the same time, the devices will always have maximum range and speed.

The connection to the band range is completed automatically by the router so there are no changes made by the user. You may have wireless printing by means of hooking up a USB printer to the Airport Extreme. All you need is to hook up the printer to the Airport Extreme, and start printing once you add it to the printer list on your Mac or PC. The networking engineering used by Airport Extreme offers all users the capacity to use one centrally located printer. With the USB hub which is on the Airport Extreme, you can share any device that has a USB connection. You then attach your machine, whether it is a hard drive, a printer, more than one printer or even hard drive, or a combination.

When you started on the internet, you were a one person business, with very little computer knowledge. You didn’t accomplish much except search the net and not much else. You probably had no concept what a router was or how to set up a wireless community. Right now, with the Apple Airport Extreme Base Station, you have a full-fledged wireless network that any individual are able to use.

Edwin Basko

The Apple Mac Specialist and author