Stay, Mum is an endearing and heartfelt puzzle game

The controls in the game are simple and intuitive. To rearrange the blocks into the shape, just drag them where you want them to go. If you need a reminder of what the shape outline was, just tap on the eye icon that is underneath the dotted line on the screen. When you think you have the shape right, tap on the “gravity” button to make the blocks fall — this is where physics comes into play. In order to complete the level, the blocks must still resemble the specific shape by the time they touch the ground. If they fall over, you’ll have to try again. And with the different types of blocks you’ll get later on, things become tricky, as you’ll have blocks that float and need to be weighed down with another one, and more.


Stay, Mum features five chapters and a separate tutorial section to show you the ropes. In the future there will be two more chapters, so that is something to look forward to. Each chapter has 10 levels to complete, and while there aren’t any move restrictions or time limits, the faster you are, the better. The goal in each stage is to help John complete shapes by using the provided blocks, but the magical thing here is the fact that each block has a different use case, all fueled by John’s wild imagination. Players are shown the shape outline before seeing the blocks available to use, and you have to recreate the shape from memory. As you make progress in the game, you will find out more about the bittersweet relationship between John and his mother, who is a single mom working to make a living for the both of them.


The visual style in Stay, Mum is gorgeous, as it features a simple and flat aesthetic that fits in well with modern iOS standards. Despite this, I’m reminded a bit of South Park characters because of the way the mom and her son, John, are modeled — large heads, slimmer bodies, and cutout animations for movement. There is a soothing, whimsical soundtrack in the background that is a joy to listen to, so I recommend getting a good pair of earbuds while you play this. The sound effects are also fairly realistic and may bring back a sense of nostalgia to when you were a child and played with blocks yourself.


When I have some time to spare, I love sitting down and playing a good old puzzle game on my . To me, they are the most relaxing types of games, but at the same time they stimulate my brain so it just doesn’t turn to mush for the next hour. Plus, if my mind is kept busy, it prevents me from thinking about other stuff that just stresses me out, so it’s a win-win situation. Even though I feel like I’ve gone through hundreds of puzzle games in the past few years, I’m always on the lookout for new ones, especially the titles that stand out from the rest, so naturally I was intrigued when I first heard of Stay, Mum.


Stay, Mum ($2.99) by Lucid Labs is a narrative physics-based puzzle game that will tug at your heartstrings, since the story is fairly relatable. Whether you care about the story or not, Stay, Mum is a cute puzzle that is friendly enough for all ages.

The Best Time Management iPhone and Applications

Almost everyone has problems with time management–irrespective of who they are or what they do for a living. Even individuals who take pride in managing their lives like clockwork can be late, fail to remember goals and have trouble with putting things off. There are plenty of reasons for this. The biggest reason for it is that, due to tablets and smart phones, we now have a wide variety of distractions at our fingertips that are just begging for our attentions each day. In this article we’ll show you how to take your iPhone or iPad and change it from a tool of distraction into a tool of time management.

Instapaper is really worth exploring. Instapaper is a program that you can use on your iPhone, your iPad and even on your desktop. It’s a “read later” app that will save you a great deal of time. In the daytime how frequently do you stumble across a bunch an article or a site that you really want to get into but don’t have the time to do so properly? And how frequently have you allowed your schedule to be derailed because you did not think you’d remember the article or website later so you read or explored it right then? Instapaper can be integrated with Twitter and a number of other programs and save all of the links you wish to explore for a later time. The links get saved to one main account. This means you can use any device (mobile phone, tablet, and computer) to catch up on your reading if you have the time.

Wunderlist is an incredible software. It is a basic to-do list application but it isn’t slowed down by plenty of sophisticated interfaces or graphics. Each day it’s possible to sit down to this app and then enter all of the things that you want to do throughout the day. It doesn’t cost anything to use. You’ll be able to synchronize it to different devices and it really is simple to use. Simply train yourself to check the software as frequently as you check your email and you will quickly see just how much easier it is for you to keep on task.

Evernote is super great and handy. It’s a central place to organize just about everything: your emails, downloads, photographs, notes, thoughts, and so forth. It is not just syncable between devices (like your computer) you can integrate it with your other applications (like Wunderlist) too. The major downside is that this app costs money. You can pay a monthly subscription fee of five dollars or purchase a year of service for forty five dollars.

Agenda is the must have calendar app. This is true for plenty of reasons but the biggest is that it syncs with both iCalendar (the calendar application most Macs, iphones and iPads use) and Google calendar. This makes managing a calendar much simpler for folks who have PCs and iPhones because they’re going to just have to type in their information into one place and it is accessible on all their devices. It is also really pretty.

The number of time management applications available for downloading is huge. These are the best, but you’ll turn up lots more with some more research.

Edwin Basko

The Apple Mac Specialist and author