Dig, explore and collect stars in Starlit Adventures

The controls in the game are pretty straightforward, though it does take time to get used to and fully master. Along the bottom will be buttons for moving left and right, as well as digging downward into blocks of dirt. Since you cannot jump or move upwards, you must think about your movement before doing so, as you won’t be able to backtrack if you miss something above you. This is what makes the game so challenging, and each stage is a puzzle that needs to be solved efficiently for the best score. As you progress through the game, you will also come across various suits for your character, granting them more abilities and attacks. For example, when you have the archer suit on, tap above the line to shoot an arrow at whichever direction you are facing at the moment. These different suits will be best for tackling annoying enemies as well as tough boss battles.

In Starlit Adventures, players must help Bo and Kikki the Starlit find and return the stars that were stolen and hidden by the evil Nuru. To do this, players will go through levels one-by-one and explore the lands, finding the stars and even shiny jewels along the way. Each stage will make players find a key to a treasure chest at the end near the end point, and the way the stages are laid out are puzzles, despite the fact that the game is an adventure platformer. There are three stars on each level, and all of them must be gathered for the player to earn three stars on the stage. If not, then you’ll need to go back and find them all before getting a perfect on the level.

The graphic style in Starlit Adventures is a 3-D rendered cartoonish look that will make this a good pick for younger ones as well. The backdrops are beautiful and detailed, and the layouts in the foreground are fairly straightforward but still make you think before you move. Colors are bright and vibrant with nice glimmering effects, and there are plenty of nice textures throughout the visuals that show how much care the developers put into the game. Animations are smooth and fluid with no lag on my Plus. The game also has a fairly whimsical and cute soundtrack in the background that is fun to listen to, and the sound effects are a nice touch.

I’ve been fairly busy these days with some personal things, so whenever I have a spare moment to myself, there is nothing I like doing more than sitting back and playing a game on my to pass the time and unwind. For these gaming sessions, I prefer quick games that I can just pick up and play at a moment’s notice, while being able to put it down just as easily. And when you throw in some adventure and platforming into that mix, well, I’ll be all over it. So when I heard about Starlit Adventures coming out this week, it naturally piqued my interest to say the least.

Starlit Adventures (Free) by Rockhead Games is an action-packed adventure platformer that is charming and plenty of fun for the whole family. If you enjoyed games like Pocket Mine 2, Doug Dug, and Puzzle to the Center of the Earth, then you will like what Starlit Adventures has to offer.

he Best iPhone and Applications for Time Management

Time management is difficult for just about anyone, irrespective of who they are or what they do. Even individuals who take pride in managing their lives like clockwork can be tardy, fail to remember goals and have problems with putting things off. A lot of things play a role in this. The main reason is that, thanks to smart phones and tablets, most of us have kinds of distractions at our disposal just begging for our attention. In the following article we are going to show you how to use your iPhone or iPad as a powerful tool for time management instead of as a time management unit of destruction.

Get Instapaper. Instapaper is software you can use on your iPhone, your iPad and even on your computer. It is one of those excellent time saving “read later” applications. How frequently, during your day, do you find interesting websites or content that you seriously want to read but don’t have time to really check out? How many times have you thrown off your entire schedule by reading or taking a look at it anyway because you knew you will not remember it later on? Instapaper can be incorporated with Twitter and a bunch of other programs and save all of the links you wish to explore for a later time. The hyperlinks are all saved to one central account. This means you can use any device (mobile phone, tablet, and computer) to catch up on your reading when you have the time.

Wunderlist is an excellent program. This is a basic to-do list app but it’s not bogged down by a lot of complex interfaces or graphics. You could sit down with this app every day and enter all of the things you want to accomplish. It’s free of charge. Besides being user friendly, it is easy to sync with a variety of devices. If you can train yourself to check your app as frequently as you check your email, you will find it much easier to keep yourself on task.

Evernote is really great and helpful. It’s a central place to organize just about everything: your emails, downloads, pics, notes, thoughts, and so on. It is not just syncable between devices (like your personal computer) you can incorporate it with your other applications (like Wunderlist) too. The only real downside of this app is that it isn’t absolutely free. It is possible to pay $5 per month for a monthly subscription or you can spend $45 and buy a year’s worth of service.

Agenda is a must have calendar app. This is true for a lot of reasons but the biggest is that it syncs with both iCalendar (the calendar software nearly all Macs, iphones and iPads use) and Google calendar. This makes managing a calendar much simpler for individuals who have PCs and iPhones because they will only have to enter their information into one place and it is accessible on all their devices. It’s also actually pretty.

There are many different time management programs you can use. These are the best of them but a little bit of research will generate several others.


Edwin Basko

The Apple Mac Specialist and author