Skype gets an update with maps, calendar events, and more

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Most Skype users are probably wondering why these features were not available before. But, at least they are here now. Each of them brings more convenience, ease-of-use, and a better overall experience which goes right along with the October update that brought us spotlight search and slide over capabilities.


To increase your multitasking ability, Skype offers an Active Banner so that you can quickly return to a call. You can also now easily see how many unread messages you have in a conversation with a counter. Both of these new features are extremely useful and definitely help you make more out of your Skype usage.


The new version of Skype for both and iPad now detects addresses, dates, and phone numbers in your messages. These items will be highlighted and with a tap you can open the appropriate action. Tapping an address will open the map within the app so that you can see the location easily. Tapping a date will pop open an option for you to add it to your calendar where you can also add further details. Finally, tapping a phone number will prompt you to call it using your Skype Credit.


Making things just a little bit easier for users, both the Skype for iPhone and Skype for iPad have received nice updates today, Nov. 23. Now with a simple tap, you can check out a location on a map, set up a calendar event, or call a phone number.

Put Your Full Network Together With The Apple Airport Extreme Base Station

The first time you acquired a computer, just about all you needed for being connected was a modem and Internet access. But as time goes on, you added another computer, printer and maybe entertainment devices so you almost certainly now need a wireless router.

If you would like a great solution for your home, school or business, then you almost certainly want the Apple AirPort Extreme Base Station. This router provides you with a very fast and quite secure wireless network. It will give you a world of options with your home entertainment, backups, printing plus much more. You will definitely have dependable connections based on the simultaneous use of 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz bands. You also can have guests on your network to access just the internet. Fifty users are able to hook up to the wireless network concurrently. You could also join a USB hard drive to the router for a network accessible shared drive.

The Wireless-N specification is what the Apple Airport Extreme is based on, and it transmits a number of data streams at the same time by using multiple-input multiple-output. This provides a greater Wi-Fi range and provides extremely fast data transfer speeds. Mac computers, as well as PCs are compatible with it, and so are wireless devices such as iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Both bands, 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, can be operated at the same time by Airport Extreme, without having to make the option, which allows your Wi-Fi devices to always have optimal speed and range.

Almost any device which might be connected on either band to the Airport Extreme will use the best available band automatically. It includes printing capabilities which are wireless, and also don’t even require a wired connection to the computer. It is actually simple as connecting the printer to the router and see it appear on the printer list found on your computer or Mac. With this method, anyone associated with the network will have something to print to. If it is effective at sharing, you can connect virtually any USB device to the router so that anyone can access it on your network. You then connect your gadget, whether it is a hard drive, a printer, more than one printer or hard drive, or a combination.

In the beginning, just about all you had, was a pc as well as a simple internet connection. You had a computer that was linked with the Internet, and you didn’t even possess a printer. You probably had no idea what a router was or how to set up a wireless community. You gradually learned and expanded your total operation, and now you have a whole network associated with your Apple Airport Extreme Base Station that works better than you hoped.

Edwin Basko

The Apple Mac Specialist and author