Slidebox is iPhone photo management done right

With Slidebox, the app will start with the latest unsorted photo by default, you can tap on the header bar at the top to quickly “jump” to another image in your library. However, while trying this jump feature out, I couldn’t just tap on the top of the screen to go back to the top if I had scrolled down a bit, and there is no way to go through your images faster. This can be annoying if you have a larger collection of images, and I hope that the developers can implement a scrubber bar of some kind and a one-tap gesture for getting back to the top of the screen.


In order to use Slidebox, you will need to grant the app permission to access your photos first, of course. Once that’s done, you’ll see all of your Camera Roll images, though only one is displayed at a time in the center of the screen. Slidebox makes use of Tinder-like swiping gestures to take actions on each photo: swipe left and right to go through each image (and make comparisons on similar images), and swipe up to “trash” it. If you want to save a picture to an album, you’ll need to create the album first, which can be done by tapping on the “Save to Album” button. When you have a few albums already made, just tap the button of the one you want to save the current image to. These albums also show up in the Photos app.


The design of Slidebox is simple and clean. It’s minimalistic, which is welcome for an app like this as it puts the focus on the photos themselves. All of the icons are easily recognizable, so there is no need to familiarize yourself with anything new. The sans serif typeface used is easy to read and looks great with the rest of the app’s aesthetics. While the app has directions that tell you how the app works at first, they are easy enough to remember once you try out the gestures a few times. In fact, it feels intuitive after a while.


Over the years, I’ve taken a lot of photos with my iPhones. For the most part, I just get backup copies on to my computer with Dropbox, but I never put much thought into organizing my Camera Roll images into albums on my device. It didn’t occur to me, and I just always end up being lazy about it. Fortunately, there are third party that make the process of organizing and managing more easy and fun, which is what you get with Slidebox.


Slidebox – Photo Album Organizer (Free) by Readonly, LLC is a Tinder-like solution for managing your photos. If you are looking for a fun and simple way of accomplishing this, then Slidebox is worth checking out. It is similar to other apps out there like Flic and Cleen.

The Best Time Management iPhone and Applications

It doesn’t matter who you are or how you make money, you probably have difficulty with time management. Even those who make an effort to run their lives like clockwork can have issues staying on task, being on time and recalling the things they need to complete every day. A lot of things play a role in this. The reason this is true is that there are countless distractions just sitting at our fingertips every day, which has become even more true since smart phones and tablets got to be popular. In this article we’ll tell you how to take your iPhone or iPad and transform it from a tool of distraction into a tool of time management.

Download and install Instapaper. Instapaper is an app that can be used not just on your mobile phone or tablet but on your computer also. It is one of those great time saving “read later” programs. How many times during the day do you run into an interesting article or site that you really want to explore but don’t have the time to dedicate to it? How frequently have you thrown a wrench into your schedule because you read or explored it anyway (because you knew you will not remember it at a later time)? Instapaper integrates with Twitter and other apps to help you save all of those links so that you can read it at a later time. The links are saved to one central account. This means that you can use any device (mobile phone, tablet, and laptop) to catch up on your reading when you have the time.

Wunderlist is an excellent program. It’s your regular to-do list software but it hasn’t been dragged down by all types of graphics or complicated interfaces. Every single day you can sit down with this software and enter all of the things that you need to do that day. It is absolutely free. You could sync it to several devices and it is really easy to use. Simply train yourself to check the software as often as you check your email and you are going to quickly see just how much easier it is for you to stay on task.

Evernote is incredibly useful. It is a central location in which you can sort out your random thoughts, your photos, your downloads, your emails, etc. It may be synced between devices–including a computer–and is quite easy to integrate with other apps like Wunderlist. The only real problem with this app is that it’s not free of charge. You could pay a monthly subscription fee of five dollars or buy a year of service for forty five dollars.

Agenda is an absolute must have calendar application. This is true for a lot of reasons but the biggest is that it syncs with both iCalendar (the calendar software nearly all Macs, iphones and iPads use) and Google calendar. This makes the management of your calendar less difficult, especially for people with PCs and iPhones since they only have to type in their information into a single, centralized location and it can be accessed on a bunch of other devices. Additionally, it’s really pretty.

The number of time management tools available for downloading is very large. We feel these are the best but if you do a little homework you’ll find several others.

Edwin Basko

The Apple Mac Specialist and author