Stay on top of your movie watch list with MooVee – Your Movies Guru

Regardless of which view you browse, movies are shown with their posters in a 2-by–2 grid view. You can scroll through the grid vertically, and more are loaded as you reach the bottom, so it’s pretty much infinite. As you find something you’re interested in, give it a tap and you’ll be on the Movie Description view. This screen shows you the full size poster, overall rating, release date, length, and genres. Scrolling down reveals film synopsis, director, writer, budget, and iTunes links, with the option to share the title on social networks or you can view more on IMDb. Trailers are also available to play using the button right on top of the poster. At the bottom, you can view separate tabs for cast, gallery, and related titles.


When you first use MooVee, your lists will be empty. There are two ways to find movies to add to your Watch List, Watched, and Favorites list: Browse or Discover, and both are accessed from the side panel menu. For Browse, you can peruse through different categories like Action, Comedy, Adventure, Horror, Music, and more. There are also groups for Now Playing, Upcoming, and Popular too, which I found useful for finding titles I may not have heard of otherwise. Discover seems to feature titles that are recommended to you based on films you’ve added, as mine seems to be filled with a ton of superhero and comic book-based titles.


Just like TeeVee, MooVee features a visual take on your movie watchlist, which is much more interesting to look at than a list you make yourself in a text editor or to-do app. MooVee has full resolution movie posters while browsing, and showcases titles in your list with movie artwork filling the bar. The animations for revealing movie images, bringing up menus, and calculating overall rating of a title are smooth and fluid, showing users that there was a lot of thought and care put in to how the app looks.


With Memorial Day past us, that means that summer is set to land any day now (though it always feels like summer where I live), and you know what that means — the summer blockbuster movie season has already begun. Personally, for me, this is the time when all the movies I am particularly interested in come out, and keeping track of them all can be a job in itself. Fortunately, there’s for that, which I’m grateful for. My personal favorite has been TodoMovies for a long time now, but that doesn’t stop me from trying out new apps in the market.


MooVee – Your Movies Guru ($1.99) by CrazyApps is a gorgeous new app for keeping track of what films you’ve been meaning to see. This is from the same people who brought you TeeVee 2, and joins other great apps out there like TodoMovies 3.

Have An Easier Time Controlling Time with these and Time Management Programs

Nearly everyone has problems with time management–irrespective of who they are or what they do for a living. Even individuals who take pride in managing their lives like clockwork can be tardy, forget goals and have trouble with putting things off. Several things play a role in this. The biggest reason for it is that, thanks to tablets and smart phones, we have a wide variety of distractions at our fingertips that are just begging for our attentions daily. In this article we are going to teach you how to take your iPhone or iPad and change it from a tool of distraction into a tool of time management.

Download Instapaper. Instapaper is an app which you can use not just on your mobile phone or tablet but on your computer too. It is one of those great time saving “read later” apps. How frequently during the day do you encounter a useful article or site that you really would like to explore but do not have the time to dedicate to it? And how frequently have you allowed your schedule to be derailed because you didn’t think you’ll remember the article or web site later so you read or explored it right then? Instapaper can be integrated with Twitter and a number of other apps and save all of the links you wish to explore for a later time. The links are saved to one central account. This means that you could use any device you want (mobile phone, tablet, computer) to catch up and look through them when you’ve got the time.

Wunderlist is a fantastic software. It is your basic to-do list software but it doesn’t get bogged down in a lot of heavy graphics or a complicated user interface. You could sit down with this software daily and enter all of the things you wish to accomplish. It is absolutely free. You can sync it to various devices and it really is simple to use. All you need to do is train yourself to check this app as frequently as you check your email and you’ll see just how straightforward it is to stay on task.

Evernote is really great and helpful. It’s a central place to sort out just about all: your emails, downloads, pictures, notes, thoughts, etc. It can also be synced between devices–including a desktop computer–and is very easy to incorporate with other applications like Wunderlist. The major downside is that this software costs money. You may pay a monthly subscription fee of five dollars or get a year of service for forty five dollars.

Concerning calendar programs, Agenda is the greatest. This is true for plenty of reasons but the biggest is that it syncs with both iCalendar (the calendar application many Macs, iphones and iPads use) and Google calendar. This makes the management of your calendar easier, particularly for those with PCs and iPhones because they only have to enter their information into a single, centralized location and it can be accessed on several other devices. It also looks great.

You’ll find all types of time management tools you can download. These are the best of them but some research will yield lots of others.

Edwin Basko

The Apple Mac Specialist and author