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The AppAdvice tech week in review: The Apple Watch effect, Black Friday deals

Apple is in the process of developing an iOS app designed to help troubleshoot issues with iPhones and iPads. The news comes from uSwitch Tech, which is showing off images provided to them by Sonny Dickson.

In the meantime, Digitimes reports that Apple is currently on track to sell more than 10 million Apple Watches in 2015, including 4 million units during the holiday shopping season.

It will never be as popular as the . Nonetheless, the is beginning to have an impact on the watch industry, nine months after the wearable device first debuted.

Here, the publication explains that, “according to an insider with knowledge of goings-on at Apple’s Infinite Loop HQ,” the in-development application asks customers “basic questions to boil down the problem” affecting iOS devices quickly. The app also allows users to “book a service, send their device in for service, or give a call to Apple.” Of course, the application is designed to help users in the process of organizing a repair for their iOS device. And indeed, this is something Apple needs to be focusing on, given the frequent impossibility of securing Genius Bar reservations at a great many Apple Stores. Through asking customers the right questions, too, Apple’s upcoming app should better ensure that devices aren’t sent off for repair when they could, instead, have rather been fixed at home.

Yet for the smart watch industry, the situation couldn’t be more different; here, the Apple Watch has helped the industry rocket, and it seems low-end luxury watch brands have suffered most greatly since Cupertino’s device hit the market. Fossil Group Inc., for instance, “saw its stock slump 37 percent Nov. 13 after saying fourth-quarter sales may decline as much as 16 percent amid competition with wearable technology,”

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The Apple Airport Extreme Base Station Will certainly Connect Your Entire Network Together

When you purchased your initial computer, if you wanted to connect to the web, all you needed was the modem and internet service. Now with so many devices accessing the internet, you will probably have to have a wireless router for your household.

If you would like a good solution for your home, school or business, then you probably want the Apple AirPort Extreme Base Station. This router will give you a very fast and pretty secure wireless network. This router permits you to easily connect your backup system, printer, entertainment options plus much more on your wireless network. You are going to have efficient connections determined by the simultaneous use of 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz bands. Furthermore it provides an option for Guest Networking, so you can have effortless Internet sharing. Fifty users will be able to hook up to the wireless network at the same time. Not just that, but a USB hard drive that can be converted into a shared drive operational by everyone on the network.

The Wireless-N specification is what the Apple Airport Extreme is dependant on, and it transmits a number of data streams at the same time by using multiple-input multiple-output. The effect is a faster data transfer over the 802.11g wireless standard plus has a much broader range. This router is compatible together with PC’s and Mac computers as well as iPads, iPhones and iPod Touches. Because the router uses both 2.4 GHz and 5GHz ranges at the same time, the units will always have ideal range and speed.

The connection to the band range is performed automatically by the router therefore there are no changes made by the user. You can also join a printer to the router to generate wireless printing. It is simple as connecting the printer to the router and see it appear on the printer list identified on your computer or Mac. The networking know-how used by Airport Extreme gives all users the ability to use one centrally located printer. Everything you want to share across your network could be connected to a USB hub that is connected to the Airport Extreme. You can certainly add a hard drive, printer or multiple printers or hard drives.

In the beginning, just about all you had, was a personal computer as well as a simple internet connection. You most likely didn’t have a printer and you also only had internet. You didn’t even really know what a router was, let alone precisely what it meant to be wireless. At this point, with the Apple Airport Extreme Base Station, you have a full-fledged wireless network that any person may use.


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