Train your brain in The Sequence, a challenging puzzler

The controls are effortless and intuitive. When you are in “Build Mode,” you just drag-and-drop the various module pieces available to you onto the grid. Each piece can be rotated using the buttons in the editor mode as you select them on the board, and you can change the sequential number of each piece as you go if needed. If you change your mind about a module, just tap on the trash can button to get rid of it, and when you are satisfied with the placement, tap on the checkmark to set it in place.


The Sequence features 72 levels for players to figure out, and the goal is pretty straightforward: build a sequence of actions using special modules in order to transfer the binary cell to the end point. The puzzles start off elementary, but as you make progress, the difficulty ramps up with different kinds of modules and obstacles that will interfere with the sequence, since no collisions are allowed. If you’ve played sequence-building logic puzzles like this before, then you should get the gist of things quickly.


The visual style of The Sequence is simple and clean, with dark backgrounds and bright, vibrant colors that contrast nicely. While the beginning of the game features just a few colors at a time, later levels will have a ton of different hues, serving as some fantastic eye candy. While the graphics are fairly minimalistic, players can quickly understand what each piece does after a few seconds of seeing it in action during the sequence mode. Animations in The Sequence are buttery smooth and fluid, with no lag or frame rate issues. The game also has a soothing, subtle soundtrack in the background, and the sound effects are delightful.


I love playing mobile games on my — it’s one of the best ways for me to pass the time lately. While there is a huge variety of games to choose from on the App Store, one of my favorite genres are puzzles, because there is no better way to pass the time than to think about a solution to a problem, since it keeps your brain busy. While I don’t think I’m the best at logical puzzles, I still enjoy them and giving them a try. When I heard that a new game called The Sequence was going to arrive on the App Store, I knew I had to check it out for myself, especially since I was a big fan of titles like Perfect Paths.


[the Sequence] ($0.99) by Maxim Urusov is a logic puzzle game that will keep you busy. If you like giving your brain a workout with games like Perfect Paths, Trainyard, and Trapped, then you are going to love what The Sequence (stylized as [the Sequence]) has to offer.

The Best Time Management iPhone and

It doesn’t matter who you are or how you make money, you probably have problems with time management. Even individuals who try and run their lives like clockwork can have trouble staying on task, being punctual and recalling the things they have to complete each day. There are numerous reasons for this. The biggest reason for it is that, thanks to tablets and smart phones, we’ve got a wide variety of distractions at our fingertips that are just begging for our attentions every day. In this article we are going to teach you how to take your iPhone or iPad and turn it from a tool of interruption into a tool of time management.

Instapaper is worth exploring. Instapaper is software that you can use on your iPhone, your iPad and even on your desktop. It’s one of those “read later” applications that can help you save time. In the daytime how many times do you encounter a bunch an article or a site that you really want to get into but don’t have the time to do so properly? How often have you thrown a wrench into your schedule because you read or looked into it anyway (because you knew you would not remember it afterwards)? Instapaper integrates with Twitter and other applications to help you save all of those links so that you can read it later. All the links get saved to one primary account. This makes it easy to use any device you want (computer, tablet or smartphone) to catch up on those hyperlinks when you actually have the time for them.

Wunderlist is a great app. This is a basic to-do list app but it isn’t slowed down by a lot of complex interfaces or graphics. Each day you can sit down with this application and enter all of the things that you have to do that day. It doesn’t cost anything to use. It syncs between devices and it is actually simple to use. If you can train yourself to check your application as often as you check your email, you will find it much easier to keep yourself on task.

Evernote is incredibly useful. It is a centralized location in which you can sort out your random thoughts, your images, your downloads, your emails, etc. It can be synced between devices–including a computer–and is quite easy to use with other applications like Wunderlist. Unfortunately, this application isn’t free–which is its only true unfavorable quality. It is possible to pay $5 each month for a monthly subscription or you can spend $45 and get a year’s worth of service.

Agenda is an absolute must have calendar app. There are lots of reasons this is true but the most important reason it is true is that it could be synced both to iCalendar (the calendar iPhones and Macs use) and Google Calendar. This makes managing a calendar a lot easier for individuals with PCs and iPhones because they will just enter their information into one place and it is readily available on all of their devices. It’s also really pretty.

There are plenty of different time management tools which you can use. These are the best of them but a little bit of research will yield lots of others.

Edwin Basko

The Apple Mac Specialist and author