Casually listen to your favorite podcasts with Castaway

October 25, 2016 Edwin Basko 0

If you’re new to podcasts and want to find something interesting, Castaway has a fairly good repository that you can peruse through. Just choose “Browse Directory” and then you can search by category or most popular on #iTunes, or even by network. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, then there is the ability to search by title or author. Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be a way to manually add and subscribe to a show by pasting in a direct URL — maybe this can be added in the future, or perhaps this was done purposefully, after all, […]

Schedule ahead and never be caught off-guard by ugly weather again with Horizon 3

September 4, 2016 Edwin Basko 0

Like most calendar #apps these days, Horizon fetches data from the calendars that you’ve set up on iOS, so this is not exactly a standalone app like Calendars 5 can be. Once you grant the app access to your calendars, you can toggle which ones are shown from the settings, accessible via the cog icon at the bottom. All events are listed in chronological order in an agenda list, with start and end times to the left, and weather conditions on the right.   The revamped design of Horizon doesn’t stray far from the original, and that’s a good thing. […]

Experience your music differently with Marvis Music Player

August 23, 2016 Edwin Basko 0

Marvis features a simple mini-player at the bottom of the screen once it begins playing a song, but it doesn’t lack features. Users are able to see the song name, full album info, and control skipping/rewinding by swiping left and right on the bar or tapping the play and pause button. Tapping on the mini player brings up the full playback screen, where you can scrub the audio bar and toggle shuffle and repeat if needed.   When the app is launched for the first time, you’ll probably find yourself on the Artists view. If you prefer to view your […]

Telegram with Aniways lets you have fast and reliable messaging across all platforms

August 6, 2016 Edwin Basko 0

The design of Telegram with Aniways is simple and clean, making it feel like a native iOS app. You’ll have three main views for Contacts, Chats, and Settings, so everything is neatly organized and navigating the app is quick and straightforward. While the default background will be plain, there is the option to choose a wallpaper for the chat views, and I found many of these to be gorgeous and not overly busy and distracting. It adds a nice personal touch to the app, though I wish you could even use your own photo instead, since you can upload a […]

Now you can get the full power of Pixelmator

July 4, 2016 Edwin Basko 0

Pixelmator has four options for a new project in the app: Create Image, iCloud Drive, Photos, or Take Photo. The Create Image option is great for those who like to paint or draw in Pixelmator, as you start with a blank canvas. However, there are also templates for collages, frames, cards, posters, photography, and vintage effects if that’s what you’re looking for. Keep in mind that the templates must be downloaded first, so it may take a while before all of them are added to your collection.   If you use Pixelmator on the Mac or the #iPad, then you’ll […]

Stay on top of your movie watch list with MooVee – Your Movies Guru

June 17, 2016 Edwin Basko 0

Regardless of which view you browse, movies are shown with their posters in a 2-by–2 grid view. You can scroll through the grid vertically, and more are loaded as you reach the bottom, so it’s pretty much infinite. As you find something you’re interested in, give it a tap and you’ll be on the Movie Description view. This screen shows you the full size poster, overall rating, release date, length, and genres. Scrolling down reveals film synopsis, director, writer, budget, and iTunes links, with the option to share the title on social networks or you can view more on IMDb. […]

Readdle’s Spark is an innovative new approach to processing your email

May 2, 2016 Edwin Basko 0

Spark supports multiple email accounts through Google (Gmail and Google Accounts), Exchange, Yahoo, iCloud, Outlook, and “other.” I’m not sure what else is supported with the other option, but it depends on your provider — chances are it may or may not work. I’ve been using Spark for the past month or so with my four Google emails and things have been working flawlessly.   Spark’s unique feature are the “cards” in the Smart Inbox, which help to filter and organize your messages, and the floating buttons in the corner for composing and other widgets mean quick access, especially on […]

Get gorgeous weather forecasts on-the-go with Atmos

December 27, 2015 Edwin Basko 0

When you launch the app for the first time, Atmos will ask you for your location data so it can fetch the weather conditions for where you are. By default, there are a few other locations already added for you, but you can delete cities by doing a long-press on the tiles to bring up the location manager. If you want to add a new city, just tap on the “+” button and then input the city or zip code. Atmos delivers results to your query in real-time and is quick about it.   One thing that I noticed about […]

Skype gets an update with maps, calendar events, and more

December 23, 2015 Edwin Basko 0

For other new stories, check out The best Black Friday deals on Apple products and accessories or Sidefari lets #iPad owners display two Safari Web pages side-by-side.   Most Skype users are probably wondering why these features were not available before. But, at least they are here now. Each of them brings more convenience, ease-of-use, and a better overall experience which goes right along with the October update that brought us spotlight search and slide over capabilities.   To increase your multitasking ability, Skype offers an Active Banner so that you can quickly return to a call. You can also […]

Slidebox is iPhone photo management done right

December 14, 2015 Edwin Basko 0

With Slidebox, the app will start with the latest unsorted photo by default, you can tap on the header bar at the top to quickly “jump” to another image in your library. However, while trying this jump feature out, I couldn’t just tap on the top of the screen to go back to the top if I had scrolled down a bit, and there is no way to go through your images faster. This can be annoying if you have a larger collection of images, and I hope that the developers can implement a scrubber bar of some kind and […]

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