What hardware & software is used for development? The development process is 100% Mac based – graphics are created primarily in Adobe Photoshop. Web optimisation and preparation is carried out in either Macromedia Fireworks or Adobe ImageReady, now part of Photoshop. Adobe Golive and Macromedia Dreamweaver are used for initial WYSIWYG page layout, whilst database interaction code is edited in BBEdit. Before uploading, HTML files are optimised for faster rendering using BBEdit’s Optimize function.

What hardware/software is used for serving? The CANCOM site is served in-house on an Apple Power Macintosh G4, using the G4 Optimised WebStar Server Suite as the main server application and Lasso Plug-in for database connectivity to custom-written FileMaker Pro databases.

Who are our partners?
We have very short list of online partners. So far we use services from a Croatian company called PosSector, mostly know for its product called Fiskalna Blagajna.

How do I submit feedback about this site? We value your opinion on the service we provide you, and if you have any comments you would like to make about this site, you can do so by filling in our feedback form on contact page.

Why do you use Cookies? We use Cookies to identify users of our site. This enables us to provide a persistent shopping cart, and a register-once facility. No information about the user is stored in the cookie other than a unique identifier. In order to purchase from this site it is necessary to have cookies turned on in your browser. To check if you have cookies turned on, check your browser settings (Edit-Preferences-Advanced in Netscape, Edit-Preferences-Cookies in Internet Explorer). To find out more about cookies, visit the Netscape cookies information site.

What about Privacy? How secure is my information? Information that is given to us is not used outside the CANCOMUK. Our database servers are behind a secure firewall.