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A refurb, or refurbished , is in the simplest of terms, a way of buying the latest technology at a considerable discount without having to take risks! Click here to see what refurbished apple products we have right now.

The term refurbished can mean different things to different people, so we thought it would be useful to define exactly what is meant by the term “refurbished ” when related to products from Apple sold via Cancom.

You should buy refurbished , refurbished and refurbished macbook pro retina from companies officially appointed by Apple. These companies have to purchase all Apple products like ipad, iphone, , returned to them (for whatever reason) and to test, repair or replace components and then re-market their products.

They must have a team of engineers that have been fully trained to Apple Authorised Service Provider level and they hold all the relevant certificates of competence. They must use the latest in test equipment and carry an extensive stock of spare parts.

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Why do ipad / iphone / macbook air 13 get returned to Apple?

For many different reasons but the main one is from the “DOA” process. DOA or to give it its full title, Dead on Arrival, means that when a brand new ipad / iphone / macbook pro 15 arrives with a customer and they take it out of the box, the ipad / iphone / macbook air 11 will not work. It may be that it just won’t turn on, the hard drive doesn’t work, the CD won’t eject, or simply that it hangs. Whatever the reason, within the first 14 days of purchase, Apple offers a policy of exchanging these machines for a replacement new machine, which hopefully will be fully functional. Apple then take these machines back from the customers and eventually send them on to us.

From this point on, the company spends a lot of time and take a lot of care to ensure that the next time the ipad / iphone / macbook pro 13 is delivered to someone, when it comes out of the box, it will function properly and will continue to do so for many years to come. Some of our regular customers prefer to buy refurbished ipad / iphone / macbook pro 15 from such a company rather than brand new machines, because apart from the cost saving, they like the thought that the product has undergone several hours, or in some cases days, of “soak” testing to ensure it all works properly. Whilst they have a very high success rate in shipping perfectly working machines, sometimes even one of these refurbished ipad / iphone / macbook pro 13 can fail, and should that happen within the first 14 days, at the customers choice, they will either replace it or repair it (subject to stock availability).

What exactly do we do to the ipad air 2/ iphone / macbook pro 15 once they have bought them from Apple?

Firstly, they test and analyse the machine to find out what was wrong. Sometimes it is as simple as a cable being disconnected, the memory not being seated properly or a failed power supply. These sorts of problems are quickly resolved. If however the fault is more serious, i.e. the logic board fails totally or wont recognise certain ports, they exchange the board (or whatever other part) for a replacement. The machine is then put on test to ensure there is nothing else wrong with it. On other occasions, there may be cosmetic damage to the machine, so, if possible, we replace the damaged part and again fully test it before passing it for sale.

Once the machine has passed all its tests, it is passed through the system and made available for sale. Throughout the testing processes, the systems record what has been done to each machine and who has dealt with it. So when you buy a refurbished ipad / iphone 6 plus/ macbook pro 13 from a company, they can trace when and from where it originated, what we did to it and what parts were exchanged.

It must however be noted, that because the machine has done a lot of travelling along the way, i.e. from manufacturing to Apple, to the Dealer, to the customer, back from the customer to the Dealer, back to Apple, back to their warehouse and then to the company, the boxes may sometimes show signs of “wear and tear”. Unfortunately they cannot get replacement boxes, so sometimes the machine they sell you will be in a slightly worn box, a little battered and with tear marks where all the shipping labels have been removed.

However, this has no effect on the contents of the box. The product will be fine (after all, that is what the box and the protective packaging are there for, to protect the goods). Sometimes the manuals or restore CD’s may have gone missing. Wherever possible, they will replace these although due to availability constraints on some of these items, it may need to be a photocopy or a duplicate disk.

All the refurbished ipad / iphone / macbook pro 15 is sold at a considerable discount to the equivalent brand new machines representing a great saving for you the customer, without having to compromise what you want to buy or taking risks as to whether or not it will work. They all come supplied with a warranty. Should a problem occur within the warranty period, just return the unit to the company, at your expense, and they will fix the problem (subject to the terms of warranty) at no cost to you and return it to you at their cost, as soon as possible. If you’d like to extend the warranty period -no problem! The company can have extended warranties at very competitive prices.

Because of the nature of how these machines first came to them, it is quite likely that they were originally registered (for warranty purposes) with Apple, in the original owners name. Their arrangement with Apple is that once the machine has been refurbished, the warranty is exclusively from the company and any future service or repair work (which would be covered by warranty) must be done by the company or one of their agents. Therefore, you cannot register such machines with Apple, but they are registered with the company.

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What does “Apple Refurbished” mean?

The exception to this is “Apple Refurbished” computers – these are supplied with a full 12 month Apple warranty. Look for [“[Apple Refurb]”] next to the product’s name.

We hope you will join the thousands of happy customers who have already purchased a refurbished ipad / iphone / macbook pro 13 from Apple Authorised Service Provider.

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