Apple Repair Service

Global Warranty for All Desktop and Server Products Applies to US/Canada/Europe/Latin America/Asia-Pacific Effective February 11, 2006, Apple will provide global service coverage for all Apple desktop computers, servers, and displays under warranty. Coverage for desktop and server products is global; all desktop and server product coverage should be considered global.

Apple Repair

iPad, iPhone, Macbook pro and Macbook air Repairs and Batteries

If your Apple / / / is not working, you should visit a dedicated repair facility with a wealth of experience in Apple repairs. And if they can’t fix it (or the cost of fixing it is more than you wish to pay), they shouldn’t charge you for trying.

Reinvigorate your iPad / iPhone / Macbook pro / Macbook air with a high-capacity battery! All Apple products use batteries that can only be recharged so many times, and their charge capacities get smaller as time passes. If your first, second, third, fourth generation iPad / iPhone / Macbook pro / Macbook air doesnt run as long as it used to, give it a boost with one of our replacement batteries its a great, economical way to give life to your product.

Replacing a battery in an iPad / iPhone / Macbook pro / Macbook air is not like replacing the batteries in a TV remote, you’ll need specialized tools and instructions, and a local service company provide that. From special non-marring case opening tools to short, high quality instructional videos, everything you need is in the package.

Most repairs in store are for:

  • iphone screen repair
  • ipad screen repairs and ipad glass replacement
  • apple iphone repair and iphone glass replacement
  • repair
  • macbook pro repair – macbook pro screen repair and macbook pro screen replacement
  • macbook air repair – macbook air screen repair and macbook air screen replacement
  • iphone 4 screen replacement – iphone 5 screen replacement – iphone 6 screen replacement
  • iphone battery replacement
  • ipad battery replacement

Apple Service

Apple Support Contracts

Cancom support and service contracts recommendations have been designed for users who require a rapid response as an alternative to back to base in house warranty repairs. At CANCOM are all too aware that large or even small IT problems can cost your company valuable time and money. To combat this we have tailored our recommendations for service facilities to rectify problems quickly by applying the most practical and cost effective solutions, this being achieved via informed diagnostic procedures undertaken by our fully qualified Apple Certified Technicians.

Any Technical Services should have:

  • On-Site Maintenance Contracts.
  • Priority Telephone Technical support.
  • Guaranteed 4-8 Hour Engineer Call out.
  • Fully Trained Apple Engineers.
  • Priority walk-in repairs.
  • Loan Equipment.
  • Scheduled Site Visits.
  • Daily/Hourly Rates.

Apple iPad / iPhone / Macbook pro / Macbook air repair and battery replacement

Have you ever had your iphone dropped in water?